Escaped beefalo captured after 250 days on the loose in Connecticut

Police in Connecticut announced a beefalo that escaped from a slaughterhouse has been captured after 250 days on the loose.

The Plymouth Police Department said the beefalo, a hybrid of a buffalo and a domestic cow, was captured after several months of failed attempts.

The animal, nicknamed Buddy, escaped from a trailer outside the Plymouth Meats processing facility Aug. 3 and police warned the public to keep a safe distance from the potentially aggressive bovine.

“The Plymouth Police is happy to announce the capture of the ever elusive Buddy the Beefalo,” police said in a Facebook post. “His capture was the result of a community effort from spotting him, feeding him throughout the winter and to the experts who were able to make the final capture.”

Police said Buddy will now be transported to Massachusetts for a veterinary exam before moving on to his new permanent home at the Critter Creek Farm Sanctuary in Gainesville, Fla.